Thursday, February 19, 2009

Love, Love, Love

Dave and I agreed not to celebrate Valentine's Day this year. We don't have any extra cash, least of all to spend on each other, and also...every day with Will is Valentine's Day in our house. (It's so corny, I had to type it in a whisper.)

Last night the three of us were hanging out, and I said to Dave: It's not that I don't remember Life Before Will, because I do. But how is it possible that we were happy without him? Why didn't we feel like something was missing when it was only the two of us?

I don't write a lot of sentimental stuff about Will because it just seems so OBVIOUS. It wasn't a surprise to find that I loved him beyond reason, that I love him more every day, that I can't imagine another baby sharing my heart (although I know I'll manage someday). I always knew I'd be downright smitten.

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