Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nature's Teething Toy

This is Will. Between his seven- and nine-month birthdays, Will cut four teeth.
His first four teeth.

These pictures were taken when Will was eight months old...
because I've been remiss in my posting duties.

While his moods haven't been greatly affected by all this teething,
Will definitely bites on everything in sight.

Sometimes, his jaw clamps down on these conveniently close objects:

-Dave's shoulder
-my leg
-various other things with nerve endings

So instead of offering up our limbs, we encourage him to gnaw on
watermelon, plums, apples (spoons, towels, couches, activity mats...).

He prefers the flavor, and we prefer not to get bitten.
Everybody wins!

(Happy 4th of July, friends and family!)

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