Thursday, July 23, 2009

Three Months with Baby Two

Three months, four days, wardrobe by Tomsey Trucking
It's time for belly photos! Here's three months with baby #2. I was joking with Lauren the other day that I was all committed to "lunar months" when I was pregnant with Will--that is, four weeks equaled a month, twenty weeks equaled five months, so that I ended up being ten months pregnant. And it was silly.

Yes, I felt like I was ten months pregnant--I think we all do as we watch that due date (and the number on the scale) creep up. But I wasn't; I just liked counting that way so I could say I was six, seven or eight months pregnant before I actually was.

Not this time! In this picture, I am 14 weeks and 3 days and 9 minutes and 14 seconds and WHO CARES. The point is, I'm sure we will all have a fine old time watching me balloon into oblivion again...

Meanwhile, Bee and Mark are hoping their little one makes an appearance sometime soon, and I am selfishly hoping for TODAY. You can do it, Baby Power!


Julie said...

Yay Belly!!!! Now I just need to see it in person. Love you, miss you. xo

Bee said...

I'm so excited your posting belly pics! You look adorable. Sorry, Baby Power didn't want to share your b-day, but I am keeping my fingers crossed for sometime this weekend.