Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fly Boy

Things we learned this past weekend:
1. Will was teething before, but he wasn't TEETHING. Now, he is TEETHING. Note the distance from mouth to hands; it is a new rule that his chewable fingers can never be more than three inches from his inflamed gums. Just in case.

2. Will loves the pool. He wants to be in the pool, and he wants a kickboard, and he wants to stay there FOREVER. (Look how serious he is about his kickboard.) He also wants to dunk his face into the water repeatedly, nevermind the lack of oxygen, because that's what Daddy does.

3. For the past ten months, every time we got him into the Bjorn or our arms and Will began to run in place, Dave and I always figured he was a) dancing, b) rejoicing, c) escaping or d) purposely kicking us in the stomach. Now we know he was swimming, and he was determined to do it with or without the water. But preferably with.

4. Will puts the "friendly" in "flying the friendly skies." He particularly likes playing with the window shades, although he's also happy to flirt with fellow passengers, laugh at pictures of their pets when they share their Blackberrys with him, fall asleep promptly at takeoff and stay that way until the final descent, and rack up compliments like "What a good baby!" and "He must fly a lot!"
I know it's obnoxious to dwell on what a great traveler he was, but after Will had his first ever "I'm bright-eyed and bushy-tailed right smack in the middle of the night" episode last week (did I mention the TEETHING?), I think we're entitled to a little accentuating of the positive.

The flight out was his favorite because he got to sit on his Nan's lap, which brings us to #5...

...Will really loves his whole Ohio family, but he especially loves his Nan.

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Bee said...

I am so happy to see he loves the pool. I can't wait to see him here swimming with Mayhem!