Sunday, July 19, 2009

Open Letter to Our Recent Visitors:

We'll do anything you ask!

Aunt Joanna will keep her hair in a ponytail when we go on the Tall Ships!

We'll give Brianna some of William's teeth until she gets hers in again!

Will promises to look even more like Brendan as a baby!

(He also says he'll continue to make out with his reflection in the fridge.)

See? Look at this perfect angel!
Will claims he will never try to poke Brendan in the eye again.

Who else is as good as Jenna at pushing William in the swing?

Uncle Scott, you can snooze with Barbara the Bear anytime!

Everyone can camp out in the playroom again...

...and since you're cousins, Will doesn't even have to cover up in front of you!

Jenna could finish teaching a certain someone how to walk.

Will can finally figure out what that fascinating thing on Brendan's shirt is.

Uncle Dave already misses his nieces and nephew...

...and with the girls teaching Will how to read
and Brianna organizing his books,
Uncle Dave didn't have to lift a finger!

(We tried to convince this one to stay and be our nanny.)

The only consolation for your departure was the arrival of
the lovely Auntie Amy, also from New Jersey (because who isn't?):
William would like to say that he will get back in that empty diaper box if you'll hurry back.

Have you noticed that Will is smiling in all of these pictures?

It's like he knows how lucky he is to have this family and these friends.
Thanks for the wonderful visits! We miss you.


Kerry Mahoney said...

These pics are awesome!

Joanna said...

They are almost all my sister-in-law Cindy's (Auntie Cindy, that is). She is a phenomenal photographer.