Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Ten Months of Discovery

My moms' group friend Inger took this picture (one of a series I'll post later this week), and although it doesn't have any green-eyed close-ups or chubby-cheeked smiles, it's the best photo I've got when it comes to describing Will. (Whew, that was some sentence.)

William has always been active, stubborn, determined, but there is a larger category under which all these characteristics fall: curiosity. He doesn't persevere because he's rebellious or scale the furniture because he's got restless leg syndrome; he wants to know everything about everything, and he'll teach himself if you are unwilling.

It's funny to think that I was once worried about Will finding a place in his heart for books--not surprising, because as a first-time mother I'd find something to fret about--but funny because Will is an equal-opportunity explorer. Of course he's interested in books. He's interested in paintings, wheels, carpet, doors, buttons, zippers...he's fascinated by ceilings, for pete's sake!

Keeping up with Will's near-tireless quest to understand his surroundings is a demanding task, but watching his inquisitive mind (and body) make sense of the world is an unparalleled delight. Thanks for a great first ten, buddy. Sheer end-of-day exhaustion never felt so good.

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