Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tee Before Sleep

I know you're tired, Will...Mommy just needs a photo
with you in that cute golf outfit from Auntie Lauren
before you outgrow it.

Yes, I understand that it's labeled 18-24 months, but trust me,
you won't be wearing that shirt for long.

Not with those Incredible Hulk shoulders, anyway.
(Stop grabbing for the camera, Will. NOT FOR BABIES!)

Seriously, dude. What's with you fitting into 24-month tops,
but still with the 12-month bottoms?

P.S. If you wear your pants that high, you might as well just get your AARP card now, son.

Trying out your newfound clapping skills,
or lurching for the camera one last time?

We'll never know. (Because he fell asleep two minutes later.)


Julie said...

He's too cute for words!!!!

Lauren said...

If Will has a photo shoot wearing an outfit I picked, does that make me a Baby-Style Rachel Zoe? Cause seriously - I D-I-E! :)

Kerry Mahoney said...

Wow - so cute! I think he could kick my butt on the golf course :)